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Multi-size Cat Door - With Direction Control

Multi-size Cat Door - With Direction Control

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Elevate your pet's freedom with the Directional Cat Door. This unique cat door, available in three elegant colors (White, Coffee, and Black) and multiple sizes, offers a simple yet effective solution for managing your cat's access to the great outdoors.

Directional Control: The Cat Door provides you with the ability to control the direction of your cat's movement. Choose between "In Only," "Out Only," "Both Ways" and "No Way" modes, allowing you to tailor your pet's access to your specific preferences.

Enhance your home with a stylish and functional cat door that gives your feline friend the freedom they desire while seamlessly blending with your interior decor.

Size Details: (height, width and thickness)

S (suitable for glass doors and windows) - External Dimension: 20*19.2*1.8cm / 7.87*7.56*0.71in and Door: 16*15.7cm / 6.29*6.18in

- External Dimension: 20*19.2*5.5cm / 7.87*7.56*2.16in and Door: 16*15.7cm / 6.29*6.18in

LExternal Dimension: 25*23.5*5.5cm / 9.84*9.25*2.16in and Door: 19*18cm / 7.48*7.08in

XL External Dimension: 29*25*5.5cm / 11.41*9.84*2.16in and Door: 22*20cm / 8.66*7.87in


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