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Security Nap Hoodie

Security Nap Hoodie

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Does your cat dream of becoming a secret agent? Well, we've got the purr-fect hoodie to make their dreams come true! Say hello to our "Cat Nap Security" Hoodie -  because even the most ferocious feline spies need their beauty sleep!

This hoodie is more than just a cozy garment; It's a top-secret suit for your cat's undercover operations. Made with ultra-soft fabric that's softer than a mouse's whisper, this hoodie will have your cat feeling like they're lounging on clouds while planning their next mission.

Equipped with a hood, your cat will blend seamlessly into the shadows, ready to pounce on unsuspecting toys or foil the plans of any household villains. Plus, your cat can transform from sleepy snuggler to crime-fighting agent faster than you can say "meow-velous!"

But the fun doesn't stop there! This hoodie comes with a top-secret pouch hidden inside, perfect for storing treats, toys, or their secret stash of catnip. It's like having a secret weapon always within reach - because a well-prepared cat is a victorious cat!

Length Chest  Neck
Size cm / '' cm /'' cm / ''
XS 19cm / 7,48'' 30cm / 11,81'' 20cm / 7,87''
S 24cm / 9,44'' 35cm / 13,77'' 24cm / 9,44''
M 29cm / 11,41'' 41cm / 16,14'' 28cm / 11,02''
L 34cm / 13,38'' 46cm / 18,11'' 32cm / 12,59''
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