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Reflective Alcantara Harness & Leash Set

Reflective Alcantara Harness & Leash Set

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Super Soft and Comfortable: This cat harness is made of soft and breathable fabric with soft edges to effectively prevent injuries and provide extra comfort and protection. This all-weather harness is not too bulky to restrict your pet's movement or overheat your lovely pet when it's hot, and the reinforced stitching lets your pet run with confidence.

Durable and Easy to Clean: The lightweight harness is made out of cotton suede, which makes it easy to clean. Just wash it by hand or throw it in the washing maschine at low temperature.

Never Lost: Adjustable shoulder straps around the harness allow you to quickly change the vest to fit your cat's size and prevent it from slipping out or even getting lost while exploring the great outdoors. Plus, it gives your curious and fast-growing pet room to grow.

NOTICE: If you want to make a trip with the car you can find a fitting seatbelt for this product so you can offer safety to your cat while driving.  

cotton suede

Size Specification

XS - Neck Circumference 11.02-12.6"/28-32cm; Bust 12.99-16.53"/33-39

S - Neck Circumference 11.81-13.78"/30-35cm; Bust 14.96-17.32"/38-44cm

M - Neck Circumference 13.39-14.96"/34-38cm; Bust 15.75-18.11"/40-46cm

L - Neck Circumference 14.17-16.54"/36-42cm; Bust 18.11-23.23"/46-59cm

XL - Neck Circumference 19.29-22.05"/49-56cm; Bust 23.23-25.59"/59-65cm 

Leash: 59x5.9in | 150x1.5cm

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