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WiFi Smart Food Dispenser 2.0

WiFi Smart Food Dispenser 2.0

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You have to leave your cat for work, traveling, etc., but want to make sure your cat is taken care of properly?

Introducing the WiFi Smart Food Dispenser 2.0 - the ultimate solution for pet owners seeking convenience and peace of mind. With app control and advanced features, this smart feeder allows you to automate your pets' feeding, monitor their nutrition, and stay connected with them, no matter where you are. Say goodbye to worries about missed meals or overfeeding. Let's explore the incredible benefits of this innovative pet feeding solution.

  • Conveniently feed your pets automatically with a customized nutrition program.
  • Manage and monitor your pets' feeding remotely through the app on your mobile phone, even when you're far from home.
  • Keep track of feeding records to ensure your pets are getting the right amount of food.
  • Share access to the feeder with friends and family, allowing them to help manage your pets' feeding schedule.
  • Ample food capacity of up to 6 liters, suitable for smooth dry food with a diameter of up to 15mm.
  • Built-in sensor alerts you when the food level is low, ensuring you never run out of food for your pets.
  • Promote the health of your pets by setting regular feeding times and distributing different amounts of food for each meal, up to 15 times a day.
  • Prevent your pets from overeating or scratching for more food by limiting the portion size.
  • Enhance the bond with your pets through the 10-second voice recording feature, allowing you to call them during mealtime.
  • Easy to clean with a removable food container and stainless steel frame, ensuring hygiene for your pets.
  • Enjoy peace of mind by using both the AC power and battery options to avoid disruptions in feeding schedules during power outages.
  • Solve the issue of food blockages with the automatic reverse mechanism, ensuring a smooth feeding process for your pets.


Plug: USA

Material: ABS Plastic                                                                                                           

Product weight: 1.9KG

Color: transparent white, diamond black 

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