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Interactive Rubber Ball Toy

Interactive Rubber Ball Toy

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Our interactive rubber ball is the ultimate toy for battling boredom! Allow your feline companion to experience a genuine hunting experience, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

Safe rubber material: The utilization of a secure rubber material guarantees the safety of your cat during playtime. This toy is crafted from robust rubber cores, possesses excellent elasticity, and offers a gentle texture, catering to even the most vigorous chewers.

Bright and vibrant colors: They are intended to emphasize the stimulating effect that this ball has on your cat.

More physical health: The use of our rubber Ball Toy promotes the physical development and coordination of your cat, enhancing their intelligence and fostering a joyful disposition.

Indicator Lights: The indicator lights provide you with information about the battery status of your toy. The green light indicates a full charge, the blue light will illuminate during the charging process, and a red light signifies that the device requires charging.

Package content: Interactive Rubber Ball Toy & Charger

This toy has a Type C charging port.

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