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Sticky Brush 2.0 - Set

Sticky Brush 2.0 - Set

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NOTICE: Our Sticky Brush comes with 1x Washing Solution and 1x Soft Cotton Wipes, meaning you do not have to order them separately. Anyways, we also offer both products here if you should need a refill!

Sticky Brush 2.0: Introducing its amazing cleaning features that will not only get all the stray fur out of your cat's coat but also clean them up in the process easily! 

4 in 1 Universal Remover: Our pet hair removal brush has multi-functions of knot opening, hair removal, massage and cleaning, allowing your pet to enjoy a salon-level grooming experience. Additionally, you can use the back of the brush to clean any furniture or clothing.

Comfy to Use: Don't worry, the brush part of this is made to be super comfy for your cat with its small, smooth but grippy bristles, and comfy for you too with its easy-to-hold and light handle! This way, stray fur is removed while also keeping your cat calm!

Easier Cleaning: Cats absolutely hate being drenched in water and sometimes just attempting to give them a bath will leave you with a few battle scars, but with this brush, you're guaranteed to have a sure-fire way to clean them up without getting any scratches or bites from your bath-hating pet! 

Long or Short Tooth? We offer the Sticky Brush with 3mm or 4mm long bristles. The longer your cat's hair, the longer the bristles should be!

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