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GPS Cat Tracker

GPS Cat Tracker

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This GPS Pet Tracker will contribute to a more worry-free day for you. There will be no need for concern or anxiety if your cat doesn't return home; simply check your phone and ascertain the whereabouts of your feline companion.

To utilize it, please download the 'Find My Tag' app (available for Android, iOS), complete the registration process for your locator, and you'll be all set.

But how does our tracker work?

The device emits a Bluetooth signal every two seconds, which is then received by nearby devices and transmitted to a server. This continuous process ensures that the location is updated around the clock, and you can access it at any time using the app.

Rest assured, your locator's location is visible only to you due to the encryption protection applied to the data.


The app encompasses various features, including the ability to ascertain the distance between your current position and the locator. When the proximity is sufficiently close, you have the option to activate a sound signal to locate the device.

Note that its dimensions match those of an "Apple AirTag," enabling you to acquire our exclusive AirTag Collar for use with this GPS Tracker!

Product information:

Product size: 32*32*9mm
Material: ABS

Packing list: 1x Tracker    

Note that you can certainly utilize this tracker for purposes beyond tracking your pet, such as locating items like purses, wallets, and more.

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