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Waterproof Litter Mat - Smart Honeycomb Design

Waterproof Litter Mat - Smart Honeycomb Design

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Anti-Tracking Mat with Open Edge: The two-layered honeycomb design helps collect waste more effectively! You simply place the litter box on it and all the waste falls through, allowing you to throw it back into the litter box for recycling. No more daily mess sticking to your feet!

Waterproof/Urine-Resistant Mat: The bottom layer is waterproof and non-slippery, preventing any liquid from seeping through. Simply rinse it off, making it easy to clean and dry. Protect your wooden floors and carpets from unpleasant urine stains!

Material: The litter mat is an upgraded mat made of soft, durable and washable EVA material.

Size Information

XS - 30x30cm | 11.81x11.81in

S - 30x45cm | 11.81x17.71in

- 40x50cm | 15.74x19.68in

L - 45x60cm | 17.71x23.62in

XL - 55x75cm | 21.65x29.52in


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