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CATTITUDE's Steam Brush

CATTITUDE's Steam Brush

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Pamper your beloved feline with our exclusive CATTITUDE's Steam Brush! This innovative brush combines the gentle cleansing power of steam with the nurturing effects of a high-quality brush, keeping your cat's coat silky soft and healthy.

Features and Benefits:

- Gentle Steam Cleaning: The soothing warmth of the steam opens up the skin's pores and makes it easier to remove dirt and loose hair without irritating your cat's sensitive skin.

- Nurturing Brush Heads: Our brush is equipped with specially designed soft bristles that glide gently through the fur, providing a soothing massage that promotes blood circulation and gives the coat a natural shine.

- Removes Tangles: The combination of steam and brush effortlessly detangles stubborn mats and knots, ensuring your furry friend always looks their best.

- Improves Well-being: Regular use of the steam brush can help reduce stress and strengthen the bond between you and your cat.

- Easy to Use: With an ergonomic handle and cordless design, the brush is comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver, even with the most restless cats.

- Safe and Eco-friendly: The steam brush uses only water, making it free of harmful chemicals. Safe for your cat and good for the environment!

Perfect for All Coat Types:

Whether short-haired or long-haired, our Deluxe Steam Brush is the ideal solution for the daily grooming of any cat breed. Turn grooming into a relaxing wellness experience for your cat – with our Deluxe Steam Brush for Cats!

Ideal for Water-averse Cats:

Does your cat fear water? Our Deluxe Steam Brush is a perfect solution for cats that are afraid of baths. The gentle steam allows for efficient cleaning without the need for a stressful water bath, ensuring your cat stays clean and comfortable.

Give your feline friend the best and enjoy the shared grooming time with our CATTITUDE's Steam Brush. 

Product information:
Material: abs
Specifications: cat paw style
Features: massage, cleaning, Bath good things
Size: 10x7cm

Power: USB    

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