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Smart Toy - Ball-Lifting Teaser

Smart Toy - Ball-Lifting Teaser

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Automatic Lifting Ball: Attach the toy to the table/chair/cat tower/etc., and the string will automatically lift and drop after you activate the toy. It can automatically turn off after 5 minutes or be turned off manually.

Keeping Cats Healthy: Keep your cats engaged in hunting and exercising. The chaser helps indoor cats get more exercise, improve their immunity, and reduce obesity.

Interchangeable Toy: The ball on this interactive toy can be replaced with other toys! You can customize the toy according to your cat's preferences.

Perfect Gift: This interactive cat toy can stimulate their thinking and encourage them to engage in active play. Additionally, it reduces loneliness and alleviates cat stress, making it the top choice for cat lovers.

This product needs to be equipped with two AAA batteries which are not included.

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