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Cotton Wool Cat Nest

Cotton Wool Cat Nest

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Presenting our Cotton Wool Pet Nest:

Manufactured from high-quality cotton wool, this bed promises durability and reliability, ensuring long-lasting use. 

The semi-closed design offers a breathable and cozy sanctuary for your beloved pet. What sets this nest apart is its unique and charming cave-like structure, which perfectly satisfies your feline friend's natural inclination to seek refuge in cozy spaces.

Not only does this sleeping bag provide a perfect hideaway for your cat, but it also serves as a haven for nursing cats. Whether it's for quiet relaxation, playtime, or a nurturing environment for kittens, our Cotton Wool Pet Nest is a versatile choice that brings warmth and security to your pet's life.

The cute designs make it the perfect addition to any household!


S (suitable for less than 3 kg)

M (suitable for 4-10 kg)

L (suitable for 10-20 kg)

Packing list:
1x Pet Nest

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