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Hair Removal Brush

Hair Removal Brush

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Pet-Friendly Design to Protect the Skin: The tip of our comb brush has a round bead design. Unlike other comb brushes, it does not have sharp needles and does not scratch the pet's skin when used.

Efficiently Remove Dead Hair: The teeth of the stainless steel brush penetrate the hair to comb all the dead hair off. This brush operates perfectly on any hair lenght and type!

One-Touch Design, Easy-to-Clean Brush: The button on the back operates a very simple and clever mechanism to remove all dead hair and debris. The retractable bristle design ensures that the grooming brush can be stored safely and easily in your grooming kit when not in use.

Promote Blood Circulation & Make the Hair Shinier: It can not only comb out the pet's dead hair but also promote blood circulation in the epidermis and therefore make the hair shinier.

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7.5 x 20cm / 2.95 x 7.87in

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